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Vision / Mission / History

Chemetall is a leading specialty chemical company whose quality, innovation, and service exceeds the expectations of our customers.

We demonstrate uncompromising ethics and appreciation for our employees, respect for the environment and concern for our community while providing a fair return to our owners.

Innovation focused on our customers' needs will ensure a vigorous and productive future. Our leadership and technologies will make it happen!

Ron Felber


"Chemetall over the years has become synonymous with the science of cleaning and surface treatments."
— President and Chief Executive Officer, Ron Felber.

1909 Oakley Chemical Company is founded with a product called Oakite, a safe alternative to caustic soda, used for heavy-duty cleaning of artillery shells during World War I.
1926 Oakley Chemical Company changed its name to Oakite Products, due to the popularity of its original product.
1991 Oakite became a member of the Chemetall GmbH Group, based in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.
1998 Chemetall Oakite received QS 9000/ISO 9001 certification.
2000 Oakite Products, Inc. announced its new identity as Chemetall Oakite.
2000 Acquisition of Brent International, UK
2001 Acquisition of Aerospace Business of Dinol, Sweden
2004 Chemetall GmbH was acquired by the Rockwood Speciality Group, Inc., in Princeton, NJ.
2008 Chemetall Oakite announced its new identity as Chemetall
2008 Acquisition of GE Betz (GE Metals)
2008 Acquisition of NDT products of Ely Chemical Company
2008 Acquisition of Nalco Finishing Technologies

Chemetall is the world leader in surface treatment. Today, Chemetall offers 1500 specialized products and systems for more than 30 industries, including metal fabrication, aerospace, agricultural, appliance, microelectronics, architectural, automotive, coil, and other surface treatment-related markets. Furthermore, products and services are offered to non-metal industries such as food, pharmaceutical, plastics recycling, pulp and paper, latex, and transportation industries.

Chemetall supports you from product specification through disposal. And the commitment to its family of customers is unsurpassed in the industry. Supported by a staff of highly-trained, technically-oriented field personnel, Chemetall's customers know they’re receiving the highest level of customer service available.

Chemetall, with headquarters based in New Providence, NJ, has been developing, manufacturing, and supplying state-of-the-art specialty chemical products since 1909. The ISO 9001 and TS16949 certified company offers a wide spectrum of integrated products, chemical management systems, process equipment, and service programs to facilitate the achievement of many industries' processing needs.

Chemetall is a member of the Chemetall GmbH Group, a renowned international corporation headquartered in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Chemetall is a world-class specialty chemical company, with representation throughout the world.


Chemetall Will Be a Leading Specialty Chemical Company Whose Quality, Innovation, and Service Exceeds the Expectation of Our Customers.

We Will Demonstrate Uncompromising Ethics, an Appreciation for Our Employees, Respect for the Environment and Concern for Our Community While Providing a Fair Return to Our Owners.


It is Chemetall's Mission to CREATE:

Value for our customers,
Prosperity and Opportunity for our employees,
Fair Profit for our owners,
Societal Enrichment for the community in which we live and work.
Innovation focused on our customers’ needs will ensure a vigorous and productive future.
Our leadership and technologies will make it happen!

Cut it. Clean it.
Coat it. Control it.
with us!


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