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Chemetall Non-Phosphorous Pretreatment OXSILAN® 9810/2 is military approved June 20, 2013 Chemetall's Tri-chrome Passivation Products Provide Superior Performance
June 3, 2013
Chemetall Introduces Tech Cool® 35035, a Premium Performance, Highly Versatile, Cost Effective, Multi-metal Microemulsion Coolant April 17, 2013 Chemetall to Highlight New Environmentally Compliant Technologies Including Coolants and Advanced Pretreatments at Eastec 2013 March 7, 2013 Chemetall to highlight green technology phosphates, and dry film lube technologies at Interwire 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia February 28, 2013 Chemetall Introduces Tech Cool® 35048BF, an Environmentally Compliant, Premium Performance, Boron Free, Multi-metal Microemulsion Coolant February 13, 2013 Dr. Ron Felber will be returning as a keynote speaker at the 2013 NCCA Annual Conference January 15, 2013 The Myth of Globalization (Article, Coil World) October 2012 Video Introduction of New Jackson, Michigan Plant October 24, 2012 Today Chemetall Opens $25 Million Cutting-Edge Facility in Michigan October 24, 2012 Environmentally-Friendly Oxsilan® CR 100 Paint Pretreatment Wipes Offer Ease-of-Use October 17, 2012 Chemetall wins a Supplier Bonus Point award from Broan NuTone October 16, 2012 Chemetall to open $25 million cutting-edge facility in Michigan Late October 2012 September 18, 2012 Chemetall Metalworking Group Announces Nissan Automotive Approval for Gardolube® VP 10300/2 Non-Oil Stamping Lubricant July 9, 2012 Chemetall Introduces Tech Cool 35052CF, a Chlorine Free Aerospace Performance Semi-Synthetic Metalworking Coolant March 23, 2012 Manufacturing Engineering Article Reprint "Green Coolant Technologies Advance" January 2012 Chemetall Ahead of the Times with Semi-Synthetic Metalworking Fluids Formulated with No Formaldehyde-Releasing Biocides July 14, 2011 Chemetall Ahead of the Times with Semi-Synthetic Metalworking Fluids Formulated With No Formaldehyde-Releasing Biocides July 7, 2011 Chemetall's OXSILAN Pretreatment Provides Significant Energy Savings June 24, 2011 Chemetall's Gardobond EPP Process Wins the Battle against Higher Energy Prices June 24, 2011 Sand & Snow Makes Pretreatment Essential, Products Finishing Magazine June 5, 2012 Presidential Lessons in Leadership — What Executives (and Everybody Else) Can Learn from Six Great American Presidents April 25, 2011 Chemetall's Safety Health & Environment Director to Present at the 2011 PowderMet Conference April 25, 2011 Chemetall Mexicana is Awarded Industria Limpia (Cleaning Industry) Certifcate March 8, 2011 Chemetall NAFTA Wins New Jersey's State Environmental Stewardship Award March 8, 2011 Article: Fluid Switch Promotes Green Operation — Manufacturing Engineering February 2011 Article: Stripping, it is all in the Method, Canadian Finishing & Coating Manufacturing January/February 2011 Article: Cutting-Edge Solution, Process Cleaning Magazine January/February 2011 Manufacturing Engineering Article Reprint "Fluid Switch Promotes Green Operation" January/February 2011 Process Cleaning Magazine Article Reprint "Cutting-Edge Solution" January/February 2011 Announcement: Rockwood Holdings and Michigan Economic Development Commission Announce $25 Million Surface Treatment Plant in Michigan January 31, 2011 Tech Cool 35048 a new member of the Chemetall Family of Metalworking Solutions January 15, 2010 Tech Cool 35052 Metalworking Solution for Difficult-to-Machine Materials January 9, 2010 Products for Asphalt Release November 15, 2007 Oakite 43 OM 150 November 15, 2007 Oakite Barrell Kleen Safe November 15, 2007 Oakite FiSan OCR November 15, 2007 Energy Saving Chem Cote 3010 provides an excellent iron phosphate coating for ferrous metals November 15, 2007 Oakite FiSan E-Z Glide conveyor lubricant designed for use on variety of containers November 15, 2007 OXSILAN 9810 replaces zinc phosphate for prepaint treatment November 15, 2007 Biodegradable Pyrene US 1002 removes metal working fluids and provides cost savings November 15, 2007 Oakite Sanitizer 4 — A four tier quaternary ammonium germicide disinfectant June 25, 2007 Partnership between Metalast and Chemetall January 2, 2007 Chemetall focuses on Latin America January 2, 2007 Oakite FiSan Gel Clean January 2, 2007 Oakite FiSan Quat Treat January 2, 2007 Oakite FiSan FBO January 2, 2007

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