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Product Name Application
Aluminum Cleaner 164 Inhibited powdered, alkaline detergent
CFC Liquid, chlorinated foam cleaner
Circhlor Non-foaming, liquid, chlorinated alkaline cleaner
Circhlor Plus Heavy-duty, non-foaming, liquid, chlorinated alkaline cleaner
Egg Brite Non-foaming, liquid, chlorinated egg wash
Fichlor Foam HD High-foaming, heavy-duty, chlorinated cleaner
FiSan 500 Highly alkaline, low-foaming, liquid CIP cleaner
FiSan Degreaser LF Low-sudsing, moderately-alkaline, liquid cleaner
FiSan FBO Heavy-duty, powdered-alkaline cleaner for fryer boilout and other hot tank applications
FiSan Guard LT Inhibited powdered, pan and tray wash detergent
FiSan HD Alkaline powder for heavy-duty cleaning of stainless steel and copper equipment
FiSan LC Degreaser Moderately-alkaline, liquid, multi-purpose cleaner/degreaser
FiSan OCR Heavy-duty, highly-alkaline, liquid, high-foaming detergent
FiSan Panacea Low-foaming, alkaline, liquid for spray washing baking pans and trays
FiSan Pep Chlorinated powdered, high-sudsing, general purpose cleaner
FiSan Tetradet Low-foaming, heavy-duty alkaline powdered detergent for hard water cleaning applications
FiSan Versagen Mildly-alkaline, highly concentrated, heavy-duty, general purpose cleaner/degreaser
Fleetline 205 Liquid, alkaline, high-foaming detergent for general purpose cleaning applications
HF 51 Extra heavy-duty, highly-alkaline, liquid foam cleaner
Liquacid Heavy-duty, low-foaming, liquid acid cleaner ideal for recirculation applications
Liqualin Low-foaming, liquid, alkaline cleaner for washing polycarbonate bottles
Oakite 302 Moderately-alkaline, hard surface, liquid cleaner
Oakite 31 Extra strength, liquid, acid cleaning detergent
43-OM-150 Liquid, moderately-alkaline cleaner for washing polycarbonate bottles, and other spray wash applications
Oakite 62 Powdered, heavy-duty, alkaline detergent that removes tenacious residues from stainless steel equipment
Pyrene 1862 Liquid, alkaline cleaner for washing polycarbonate bottles, and other low-foam spray applications

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