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Bottle Chain Lubricants

Bottle chain lubricants reduce wear on the container and bottle chains themselves. These lubricants also reduce wear and tear on the drive motors by providing a limited slip on the chain hence reducing amperage and torque requirements on the chain drive motor.

Soap Based Lubricants

For use with softened water, economical-to-use Oakite FiSan LC 55 effectively lubricates high-speed conveyor chains at concentrations as low as 250:1.
FiSan LC 66 provides excellent slippage between containers and the conveyor chain to reduce breakage and clatter of the containers as well as lessen friction and drag on motors and contact points. Good for use up to 180 ppm water hardness.
Pyrene 1890 is a liquid alkaline product with up to 80 ppm water hardness.
Pyrene 1893 can handle water hardness up to 210 ppm at 1% by volume.
Biostat-containing FiSan Maxilube 200 offers excellent lubricity for use on aluminum can and glass lines and can be used in water up to 250 ppm (14.6 grain) hardness.

Synthetic Lubricants for PET bottles

FiSan LCS can be applied in areas of hard water up to 1000 ppm by 1% volume.
Though especially designed for PET bottles, FiSan PET Lube is a concentrated product that also provides excellent lubricity at concentration levels as high as 800 to 1. Not affected by hard water.
This product contains hydrogen peroxide, which can lower the BOD of effluent and retard bacteria growth in drip pans and drains not affected by hard water.

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