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Cold Forming

Cold-forming products and cutting edge chemistry for cleaning, pickling and pretreatment processes offered by Chemetall combine to provide you with a comprehensive systems approach for the chemical treatment of metal and non-metallic surfaces.

Reactive Soap

Reactive soap used over zinc phosphate coatings. Top product for extrusion.
Reactive soap used over zinc phosphate coatings. For long bath life in combination with excellent cleanliness after drawing and annealing.

Reactive Oils

Reactive drawing oil for low surface roughness after drawing.
For low surface roughness after drawing especially if surface decarbonizatoin influences drawability.

Salt Carriers

For prepasses of wire over zinc phosphate coatings. Typically used for prepasses of high carbon and cold heading wire.
Salt mixture with an internal friction modifier.
Very low moisture pickup. Our high performance standard product.

Polymer Lubricants

Gardolube L 6332 is a low foaming aqueous solution used for the cold forging or cold extrusion of pretreated carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, brass and aluminum.
Applied by immersion or spray, Gardolube L 6337 is chlorine-free and applied on alloyed steel and mild carbon steel prior to hydroforming.
Gardolube L 6338 is an aqueous dispersion for cold extrusion of aluminum.
Gardolube L 6339 is an organic polymer coating applied to a metal substrate to aid in rollforming and deep-drawing operations. This Dry Film Lubricant (DFL) is chrome free, offers temporary corrosion protection, and can be applied on all metal substrates.

Zinc Phosphate Coatings

Low temperature process which gives a very hard, fine and tight coating. Fulfills requirement for a nickel free process.
Formulated to provide medium-weight zinc phosphate coatings on steel, Gardobond Z 3100 is used in wire drawing and light to medium cold forging operations with lube or salt carrier coatings.
Oakite Gardobond Z 3190 is an immersion applied zinc phosphate conversion coating material primarily designed to provide heavy-weight zinc phosphate coatings on steel, 1,000 to 3,000 mg/ft2, for use in severe cold forging with lube or salt carrier coatings. The Gardobond Z 3190 process operates at low temperatures and forms the sludge outside the process tank, when an iron limitation unit is used.
Gardobond Z 3400 is a zinc phosphating process developed for iron materials as a pretreatment prior to cold-forming. Gardobond Z 3400 is applied by immersion. The weight of the phosphate coating is about 100 - 800 mg/ft2
Universal process with a fine and tight coating. Fulfills requirement for a nickel free process.
Gardobond Z 3510 is a material designed to establish zinc phosphate conversion coatings for wire drawing, cold forging operations and strand line/continuous line applications.

Calcium Phosphate Coatings

Gardobond Z 3200 is an electrolytic, heavy metal-free phosphating process for iron materials to facilitate cold forming.

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