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Water Treatment

Biocides and Scale Inhibitors for Water Treatment

Cooling Towers


Chemetall's products effectively control algae, bacteria and fungi growth in commercial and industrial recirculating water systems such as cooling towers, heat exchangers, and water storage tanks. Made from high quality raw materials under the strictest guidelines, Chemetall's microbial growth inhibitors are stable for long periods, are not decomposed by high temperatures, and are not lost from systems through evaporation. Non-foaming and phosphate-free, these chemistries are non-corrosive to most metals commonly used in recirculating water systems.

Form: Liquid
Approval (s): EPA Reg. No. 707-133-1020
A liquid biocide that aids in the control of bacteria, fungi, and algae in recirculating water cooling towers and air washer systems.
Form: Liquid
Approval (s): EPA Reg. No. 9386-4-67132
A methylene bis (thiocyanate) compound, Omega AQ-6171 controls algae in systems ranging in pH from 6 to 10.

Note: These biocides cannot be used where the treated water touches edible products, food contact surfaces or in potable water supplies.

Scale Inhibitors

For effective prevention of hard water scale formation and inhibition of metal corrosion in once-through and recirculating cooling water systems, Chemetall's products are hard to beat.

Scale Inhibitors for Open Systems

Form: Liquid
A material for treating recirculating water to control the formation of scale and corrosion.
Form: Liquid
Enprox 811 combines scale dispersants with corrosion inhibitors, designed for use in recirculating water systems, which are exposed to oxygen. Enprox 811 is a molybdate based treatment formulation. It is environmentally safe and offers superior corrosion protection.
Form: Liquid
Enprox 855 is a non-chromated liquid water treatment that is particularly effective for copper alloy encased recirculating cooling water systems.

Scale Inhibitors for Closed Systems

Form: Liquid
An integrated hot water system/cooling water treatment formulation, Enprox 815 offers superior corrosion protection while being molybdate based and environmentally safe.
Form: Liquid
Enprox 818 is a concentrated liquid, inorganic phosphate formulation that acts as a scale and corrosion sequesterant on make-up waters.

Scale Inhibitors for Open and Closed Systems

Form: Liquid
A non-chromated product, Enprox 355NC remains stable and effective in the pH range of 8.0 to 10.0.


Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors

Form: Liquid
An all-in-one package liquid organic boiler water treatment specially formulated to control the deposition of scale and sludge in industrial and institutional water boilers, Enprox BWT-3 also controls corrosion.
Form: Liquid
Approval: Authorized by the USDA for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants, for treating boilers where steam produced may contact edible products and/or cooling systems where the treated water may not contact edible products
Oakite Enprox BWT-F is a synergistic blend of special ingredients that provides exceptional scale and corrosion control in treating industrial boiler water in non-dairy food processing plants as well as breweries, distilleries, pharmaceutical plants and hospitals.

Condensate Protection

Form: Liquid
Enprox NA is a liquid organic additive that's used with industrial boiler water treatments such as Enprox BWT-3. It is an excellent corrosion inhibitor for steam boilers and steam heatings systems and is economical to use.

Oxygen Scavenger

Form: Powder
Boiler water treatment additive to assure more complete removal of corrosion-causing residual oxygen from system feedwater.

Alkalinity Builder

Form: Liquid
Enprox 714 is a liquid alkaline product that neutralizes acidic solutions prior to disposal, regulates the pH of water in air conditioning units, water cooling towers, waste effluent systems, evaporative condensers and other similar water systems and controls the pH level of solutions being treated with Oakite Dispoz Aid 2.
Form: Liquid
Enprox 855 is a non-chromated liquid water treatment that is particularly effective for copper alloy encased recirculating cooling water systems.

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