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Chemetall, the world leader in surface technologies, is a trusted supplier to the global coil industry. With manufacturing facilities in 28 countries, we have the capability to provide superior products and services to globally satisfy the coil market. Our customers rely on our comprehensive product line, which includes such well-known brand names as Gardoclean®, Gardobond®, Gardolene®, and Gardolube®.

Chemetall has an innovative technology portfolio for the coil industry

Paint Line Products


alkaline, multi-metal, oil splitting, easily waste treatable
heavy-duty, alkaline liquid, multi-metal, oil emulsifying cleaner
alkaline, aluminum cleaner
alkaline, multi-metal cleaner
acid-base, aluminum cleaner
acid-base, aluminum cleaner

Pretreatments — Conventional

low sludging, zinc phosphate for HDG, high nickel
chrome chromate for aluminum and Galvalume®

Pretreatments — Dry-In-Place


mixed chrome, multi-metal treatment
mixed chromes, multi-metal treatment

Chrome Free

titanium/zirconium for aluminum and HDG
titanium/zirconium for multi-metal applications
silanes, for multi-metal applications
titanium/zirconium, for aluminum process

Mill Treatments


alkaline liquid, for steels, highly concentrated, low sludging
alkaline liquid slurry, economical

Passivation Treatments

mixed chromes for HDG, EG, Galvalume
mixed chromes, for HDG, EG, Galvalume, less staining, more stable
mixed chromes
tri-chrome for HDG, fluoride-free
non-chrome, removable, transit protection

Thin Film Organics (also known as Acrylics or Permanent Coatings)

mixed chromes, permanent coating
non-chrome, permanent coating

^ Both of above products available in various pigmented colors and transparent tints

mixed chromes, permanent coating


dry film lubricant
wet temper fluid for HDG


Cut it. Clean it.
Coat it. Control it.
with us!


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