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Water treatment chemistries and pretreatment chemicals in the HVAC industry are essential in the manufacturing of heating furnaces, air conditioners, and other HVAC products.

Chemetall's water treatment products are used for cleaning, descaling, and sanitizing of cooling towers and boilers. Our products improve the energy efficiency of this equipment providing immediate savings. Whether the system cools or heats people or machinery, water problems are inevitable. Scale corrosion, slime and algae all interfere with operating efficiency, resulting in higher costs. Chemetall is also a world-class provider of pretreatment materials used in pre-paint and pre-powder coating operations.

Chemetall supplies many of today's most recognizable HVAC manufacturers in operations such as, aluminum fin stamping for use in heat exchangers, or copper tube drawing for heating coils used in air conditioners, or steel sheet stamping of panels used for the housing assembly of furnaces.

With our global reach, Chemetall can supply on a local level or a worldwide corporate level.

Applications for the HVAC industry include:

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